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Visual FoxPro Migrations

Its not just Apples to Apples'


Apples-To-Apples’ Is Definitely Not The Way To Think Of Our Vfp Conversions

Do you believe that VFP conversion project leaves the company with a warmed-over version of their existing system…so then why do it?

For most companies, maintaining the existing functionality of their old system is important. If you are of the view that Apples-to-Apples or like-to-like migration is your only option, think again. It is important to emphasize the new, modern capabilities a client gets after we finish with the conversion of their VFP application, even if the general functionality of the new system is the about the same as the old.

Download this paper to discover eight key capabilities you will get in your VFP conversion including:

  • Improved scalability and security
  • Browser independent and cloud ready
  • TCP and Socket Programming right in your code
  • Modern Web interface with Improved Usability