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Visual FoxPro Migration Case Study

An European Financial Institution


Case Study: Visual FoxPro Migration for an European Financial Institution

A leading European financial institution specialized in Asset Management and Private Banking services relied on a highly complex and specialized Visual FoxPro (VFP) based Financial Management software that was evolved from Clipper in the 90s and used successfully to manage assets for thousands of clients.


As Microsoft announced the retirement of VFP with the end of mainstream and extended support, the client recognized the risks associated with maintaining the software. Considering the future business prospects, the company made a significant decision to migrate to modern Microsoft .NET platform for future business continuity.

Macrosoft’s Migrate to .NET Approach

  • FoxPro Code Walkthrough by Experts
  • Prepare Technical Analysis Document
  • Submit Analysis Document for Client Review
  • Start Migration of the Application in .NET
Download the case study to know more on the risks and challenges our team faced while migrating this huge financial application.