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How to Virtualize your VFP Application

Step by step procedure to VFP Virtualization


How to Virtualize your VFP Application

The time really has come to virtualize your VFP application. We are not talking about migration or conversion or bringing in a 3rd party tool to replace it. Rather, we suggest virtualizing it and giving your perfectly fine-tuned VFP application additional years of very productive life, within a much more modern setting and UI. This may well be your best option!


There are a number of prominent applications and desktop virtualization services available including: Amazon’s AppStream 2.0 and Workspace; Azure’s RemoteApp and Windows Virtual Desktop; Cybelesoft’s Thinfinity Virtual UI; and FoxinCloud as well as other available services. With specific focus on VFP apps., we show the pros and cons of each of these options.

In considering virtualizing a VFP application, there are several major issues you need to consider and address. We discuss these, along with describing a long list of the common issues involved in setting up a virtual VFP application.

The final section provides a guide to VFP virtualization for the specific use case of AWS AppStream 2.0. We provide a step-by-step guide to application setup, including the important process steps of QA, application file sharing and database mapping, and printer and backup services.


Download this paper – we will go through all the major issues to keep in mind in considering such a process, and along the way, you may find it is indeed your best option.