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The A working Proof of Concept

VFP to .NET Conversion Project


Working Proof-of-Concept (POC) for VFP to .NET Conversion Projects


We strongly recommend our clients who are looking to migrate their VFP application to .NET, to build a working proof-of-concept immediately after the analysis phase is complete. It is just sufficient to build a small working proof-of-concept with a few screens from the VFP application ported over to the new .NET framework. Benefits are immediately evident as the screens of the new application respond quickly with an improved performance. The user can experience the enhanced usability of the new application and check if it meets the expectation. We also take a client walkthrough of our Dazzle architectural framework and actually show the code we build giving them a chance to understand our coding standards.

  • See the advantages in creating a working proof-of-concept (POC) for VFP to .Net migration projects.
  • Know how the POC helps clients in assessing the performance and usability of the new application.
  • Get a clearer picture of our coding standards and the Dazzle architectural framework through this real-life POC.
  • Learn how our analysis and development process allows clients to perform a quick and easy POC before actual development.

Download Whitepaper to know more on a working POC we provide so as to ensure our clients get the perfect conversion.