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Automated VB6 Code Migration

Whitepaper on VBMorph Tool



VB6 Automated Code Migration to ASP.NET / MVC framework in C#

Macrosoft has extensive experience working in legacy application migrations to the latest technologies. There are numerous tools that have been developed and are used to aid migration projects’ success.

Macrosoft is excited to introduce VBMorph. This tool converts Visual Basic code to Dot Net Framework efficiently. It speeds up migrations, especially large applications, and enables teams to deliver projects in the shortest possible time.



VBMorph is a Macrosoft’s propriety tool. Macrosoft has put its extensive experience in migrations to develop VBMorph. The tool is ready to be used by our migration teams focused on VB6 migrations.

The objective of VBMorph is to convert Visual Basic code into the web-based ASP.NET MVC framework in C# language. From that point, our development teams take over and complete the remaining conversion work needed.


  • Minimize the requirement of VB6 expert to understand the code and business rules.
  • Maximize the code migration. Ensures no code or business rule written in code is left over
  • Migrates VB6 code to modern multi-tier architecture intelligently
  • Insert notes in code where developer attention is required
Download this paper to understand the technology and working of VBMorph - The Automated VB6 Code Migrator to ASP.NET / MVC framework in C#.