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Using A New ‘Agile’ Approach

Visual FoxPro Conversions



Presenting A New Agile Approach For VFP Migration

Our past experiences have enables us to develop a new ‘agile-like’ approach for VFP migration. It is all set to make a big difference in due course with respect to time and cost of conversion. This agile approach takes the best part from building an application on business rules to utilizing the existing VFP codes. In this agile approach we simultaneously build on the new system while continuing to fill out the detailed requirements. Engaging with the new agile type processing ensures that we do not miss out on any major rules or processes making the conversion a full proof process.

Checkout what you gain by downloading this whitepaper

  • See how the new agile approach for VFP conversion saves cost and time
  • Know how this new agile approach came into being
  • Learn the 7 golden rules of this new agile approach
  • Read how Agile approach can leverage your conversion requirements

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