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Macrosoft’s SpecGenerator: 

The System Analysis Document Generator

In our Visual FoxPro migration practice, we have always looked at possible ways to automate at least some processes without ever sacrificing the quality and integrity of the final new system we hand over to the client. With this in mind, we have developed yet another new tool the ‘System Analysis Document Generator Tool’ which we are adding to our migration practice.

The SpecGenerator tool reads Visual FoxPro Forms, Programs and Classes code and generates human-readable specification documentation. It mainly generates 3 types of word documents (program, form and class) based on analyzing the form files, program files and class files in the VFP project. We consider the code it generates to be analogous to ‘pseudocode’ that helps developers to read and understand all the business rules and other logic in the VFP application. These pseudocode specifications are easy to read and any 3 GL or 4 GL programmer can read them directly and write the new code in any modern language. SpecGenerator provides all the business rules, validations and DBF (tables) information along with screenshots so that the developer understands the design of the forms and visual classes.

The tool generates the specifications of the VFP code into the following logical format:

  • Brief description of Form/Classes and Program files
  • Data Environment (if any) and DBF Structure
  • External integration or dependency (Forms, Classes, PRGs) – as reference information
  • High-level workflow diagram
  • Visual screenshot (if any)
  • Form and Class:
    • Visual object details
    • List all custom and modify properties
    • List of all custom and modify events and methods
    • Logical flow of the object (Form/Visual Class)
    • Detail specification of each method and events

Come give us a piece of the code you are trying to convert, and see for yourself how quickly we can give back the pseudo code it generates. We will then demonstrate how you can use that pseudocode to start building your new system.

SpecGenerator is so effective that it reduces the analysis portion from the overall project conversion cost by nearly 18%. Download the tool now!