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The Right Testing Environment

Challenges we Face in our VFP Conversion Practice 



One of the most Difficult Challenges Faced in VFP Conversions is Building and Implementing A Complete Testing Process


Building and implementing a complete testing process for the new application is one of the toughest challenges faced in VFP conversion projects. The main problem with our VFP conversion work is we generally do not have detailed user stories for the application, so we use individual business rules from the conversion of the VFP code itself.

This results in a disconnect between business rules that cannot be used by our testing teams to build complex test cases that go in hand with the complex use cases. If the complex use cases are not fixed before delivery, then client’s team will have to uncover problems before UAT, which is neither efficient nor reasonable for the client or us.

To avoid this situation, we try to have a thorough understanding of the application mostly with the help of a client’s subject matter expert to generate these complex use cases. Integration testing is exactly where we require client support to build complex test cases that align with the use cases.

We strongly believe that all phases of the testing process play a very prominent role in our conversion projects as we work closely with the client’s process for testing and deployment.

  • See how we build and implement the right testing process
  • Learn the challenges and difficulties involved in testing and deployment
  • Understand the different levels of testing employed in our VFP application conversions
  • Understand the normal stages of the testing and deployment process