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Digital Transformation

Optimize and Modernize your Old Enterprise Application


Optimize and Modernize your Old Enterprise Application via Digital Transformation

Modern day development technologies are driving businesses to re-write applications. Thankfully, this is no longer required, as there are a number of ‘web-scale’ technology components and methods, which can be very helpful in evolving, optimizing, and modernizing older enterprise applications. Main features of ‘web-scale’ applications are scalability and elasticity, portability of applications, redundancy with very high uptime, network-based monitoring, extensive inter-application interfaces, and highly data-aware applications with enhanced security. These technological improvements can be made by building from the old enterprise application without discarding it altogether via enterprise modernization. What you get after an enterprise application modernization is a robust application with many of the features of a modern application at a fraction of the cost of re-developing a totally new application.
Here at Macrosoft, we focus on 14 technologies and software design services, which consists of Containers, Microservices, Restful API’s, Software Development Management, Elastic Stack, Queues, Centralized Security, Design Patterns, Analytical Reporting, Machine Learning, Cloud, Advanced Testing, Continuous Deployment, and Third Party/Cloud Services. Enhancing your application with these new paradigms can be greatly beneficial.

Macrosoft can help you achieve these capabilities as we are adept at using these modern technologies, software design approaches and architectural thinking. Not all of these technologies are suited for every application, but we will tailor them in accordance with your existing application. We recommend allowing us to take a ‘deep dive’ into your application, and let you know the ‘roadmap’ we believe will provide you with the best path forward.

  • See how digital transformation is inevitable in enterprise application modernization
  • Know what are the important features of ‘web-scale’ applications
  • Find out the 14 different technologies and software design services we provide
  • Learn how our approach on modernizing can get you started on these new directions