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VFP Migration Case Study

Migrating a Visual FoxPro Application to .NET C# and Angular


Case Study: Modernizing a Legacy Payroll Application for a Large Shipping Company

The client is a large shipping company operating more than 20 vessels. They relied on a 23-year-old legacy payroll application developed in-house, which consisted of two separate applications. One application, located in the head office, provided a consolidated database and full functionality. The second application was installed on vessels and offered limited options with a database specific to each vessel. The two applications had to synchronize data through text files and dedicated synchronization programs. Additionally, the application interacted with other external databases, adding complexity to the migration process.


Before embarking on the migration journey, the client faced several challenges:

  1. Lack of Documentation: The existing application had no documentation or use cases available for complex calculations, which made understanding the business rules and logic difficult.
  2. Major Modifications: The application had undergone significant modifications that affected various modules and reports. These changes needed to be considered during migration.
  3. Testing of Migrated Application: The client needed a comprehensive testing strategy to validate the migrated application and ensure the modifications were correctly implemented.

Macrosoft and the client collaborated on multiple demos and discussions to finalize UI design decisions. Despite some differences between the legacy application and the new web UI, Macrosoft ensured the new system remained efficient and user-friendly.


Download the case study to learn how a legacy Visual FoxPro payroll application was seamlessly migrated to the latest C#.NET / Angular platform with SQL Database.