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VB6 Migration Case Study

Migrating a Visual Basic 6 (VB6) Application to .NET C# and Angular


Case Study: Migrating a VB6 Application to C#.NET / Angular

Our client had an extensive in-house scheduling application focused on Restaurants, Casinos, and Conferences. The application facilitated detailed employee management, job assignments, skill mapping, calendar management, and defining rooms and halls. One of its distinctive features was the ability to visually design floor layouts and allocate staff for shifts using customizable table shapes and sizes.

The application was originally developed in Visual Basic (VB6) with SQL Server as its database. Each client had a separate instance installed on their office machines with their SQL Server database. Features and modules were dynamically enabled based on database entries.

Macrosoft performed a comprehensive analysis of the VB6 code, user interface, and reports as part of their project. The dev team took the initiative to streamline and automate the migration process to the .NET C# and Angular platforms, ensuring a seamless transition. Furthermore, they enhanced the reports by upgrading them to the latest version of Crystal Reports, thereby improving the overall functionality and performance of the system.

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By leveraging their expertise, tools and employing a systematic approach, Macrosoft navigated the complexities of migrating the VB6 application to a modern browser-based platform, delivering a solution that meets the client's needs while paving the way for future scalability and innovation.


Download the case study to learn how a legacy Visual Basic 6 application with SQL Database was seamlessly migrated to the latest C#.NET / Angular platform.