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Converting Your VFP Application

 Is there a positive ROI?



Is there a compelling positive ROI for converting your VFP application?

Whether to migrate your current Visual FoxPro application to a modern platform or not is a challenging question for most corporations. There are various organizational factors that come at play when making a big decision like this. Generally, the most important question to most organizations is if the conversion or migration is worth the investment. Other considerations include resources required, potential work disruptions and management focus.


Various strategies are formulated to upgrade the VFP application to C# or to any other .NET framework. Whether you need to migrate to a desktop application or a web application the choice is yours. For web-based application it is ideal to convert VFP to ASP.NET, whereas for desktop application it is better to convert from VFP to C#.

There is significant investment upfront, but the point of ROI Calculator is to show you clearly what you can expect to get as an excellent return from your investment.

  • See how migration can bring you a significant ROI within the first year
  • Organizational factors considered while constructing this ROI calculator
  • Learn the formulae used in the ROI calculator
  • Discover why clients choose our migration methodology over the typical ‘apples-to-apples’ migration
  • See the benefits of migration in your organization
  • Learn how to estimate the cost of the conversion effort

In the 1st step, we define 5 major potential benefit areas you will see from conversion. For each, we frame the benefits based on the first year of operation after the new system is up and running and how they will be the same or greater in subsequent years.

The 2nd step is to estimate costs of the conversion. We provide you with a step-by-step approach for estimates on these costs. Based on our experience we have already plugged in average values, which you can replace with your own. If you do not have figures at hand, you can download our VFP Code Matrix tool. This tool analyses your code and provides you a detailed and refined estimate on your application.

We use these estimates to provide you an estimated ROI for this conversion effort. Be prepared to be surprised to know how POSITIVE the business case will be.