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Deep Dive - Application Rationalization

 The First Step to Modernizing FoxPro Application



Deep Dive – Migration Cost Reduction: The first Important Step to Modernizing FoxPro Legacy Application


Macrosoft has formalized the VFP Deep Dive – Migration Cost Reduction service as a first step in any VFP migration/modernization process. We highly recommend application rationalization for clients who lack clear application documentation or suspect there is unused code, modules, screens, or reports in their legacy VFP system. Rationalization facilitates in finding and categorizing all major pieces of the VFP application, helping clients identify all important elements required to be included in a potential conversion. Application rationalization is less resource intensive when compared to a detailed analysis, thus helping client’s lower conversion costs. Using our proprietary automation tools we can quickly complete the application rationalization process in a short duration for a typical sized application.

  • See how Macrosoft offers VFP Deep Dive – Migration Cost Reduction as a service for our clients
  • Identify the application rationalization key output components considered during migration
  • Find out how Deep Dive – Migration Cost Reduction is different from Detailed analysis and Gap analysis
  • Take a look at how our automation tools facilitate in providing a quick application rationalization
Download Whitepaper to know more on the Deep Dive – Migration Cost Reduction we follow so as to ensure our clients get the perfect conversion.