Dazzle Lite Framework

A Ready-To-Start Visual Studio Solution

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Macrosoft’s Dazzle Lite Framework

The Dazzle Lite framework enables you to build quality applications by leveraging the rich supported features it constitutes. It gives your developers the confidence to focus on the specific business rules embodied in the application and allows them to validate their code writing. As a result, they are able to develop applications faster with improved quality.


Dazzle Lite comes as a ready-to-start Visual Studio solution which consists of Web project, API project, Business Logic project, Domain project, Util project, Data Access project and Database project. Dazzle Lite uses latest technologies like, Visual Studio 2017, .Net Core SDK 2.2.106, Angular 6, Typescript 2.7, C#.Net 7.0, SQL Server 2017.

Dazzle Lite Features

 In addition to ready to start project, following features are also available:

  • Login Screen                                  
  • Forgot Password                                
  • New User Registration
  • Form based Authentication                        
  • Default Menu after authentication
You can start building enterprise level application using Dazzle Lite which will reduce your development effort. For more information on Dazzle and migration services, contact us now!!