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DAZZLE 3.0 Launch

 Ready-To-Use .NET Foundation Framework



Dazzle 3.0 : Custom-built .NET Foundation Framework for Legacy Conversion

DAZZLE is our custom-built .Net Foundation Framework that we use in all our legacy migration projects. DAZZLE embodies a modern architectural framework, and strong building blocks (classes) that provide for a solid foundation.

In this paper, we introduce the readers to the major enhancements that we have incorporated into DAZZLE 3.0.

Dazzle 3 linkedIn

We expect to introduce a new upgrade once every year, ensuring the Dazzle framework we use to be most modern, leveraging advanced capabilities for the new .Net applications we build.

  • See what’s new in Dazzle 3.0 and how it will play a crucial role in your conversion project
  • Take a look at the differences in Dazzle 1, 2 and Dazzle 3 by comparing their significant changes
  • Learn more about Dazzle 3.0 modern architectural framework using major technology stack
  • Know what are the major capabilities and tools used to develop the new version of Dazzle 3.0
Download Whitepaper to know more on Dazzle 3.0 reduces time, avoids refactoring, generates a single coding standard, and provides for the reusability of the code.