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Data Morph

 Macrosoft’s New Tool that Converts VFP Database Directly into SQL Server Database



Data Morph is a new tool that allows our clients to migrate their Visual FoxPro database directly into a SQL Server database, via a fully automated visual process. This tool is highly customizable according to VFP table structures and client needs, with the ability to select the VFP tables and create them into the new SQL database. Data Morph is yet another automated process component we are now adding to our ‘Migrate from VFP to .NET’ practice.

Data Morph performs continuous checks to ensure that the data in the new database is correct and complete in the process of performing the migration. It facilitates mapping between the Visual FoxPro data types and its equivalent SQL data types. This tool also allows users to correct potential data problems that the tool finds when validating with the predefined business rules. It provides the facility to modify the error data and re-import the data once again into the SQL database. In addition, we will construct a series of batch routines that will read data from the VFP database and then check the same values in the SQL Server database. These need to be built and customized according to each specific client’s configuration and VFP database.

How does this tool ensure accuracy?

To convert a Visual FoxPro database to a SQL Server database with accuracy calls for great attention. Though this process mostly will be coupled with converting the entire VFP application to .NET, need for conversion of VFP database alone comes into picture often. We work with our clients to ensure that the batch routines can be easily built for each client in the quickest possible time-frame. During migration, table validation and data verification are used according to the rules incorporated into the system for data cleansing purposes. After the VFP db migration process is done, records with errors are listed, which can be directly updated in the tool. User can generate the migration process log report in an Excel format. Once the new SQL Server database is up and running, the only thing left to do is final testing of the new database to ensure that the conversion occurred completely and with 100% accuracy.

  • See how our new Data Morph tool ensures high degree of Visual FoxPro database conversion accuracy.
  • Know more about the user-friendly look and feel of the Data Morph tool UI.
  • Examine the different process steps to be followed prior and after using Data Morph.
  • Take a look at the number of useful features that make Data Morph unique.