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New Testing Strategy

Converting HIPPA Compliant Legacy Applications



The project was to convert a health-based VFP application to .Net framework that had a database with highly confidential patient health information (PHI), adhering to the highest HIPPA compliance standards. We at Macrosoft have smoothly executed a new testing approach for converting/modernizing HIPPA-compliant legacy applications without compromising any of the data risks.

This testing approach zeros in on all the use cases, never exposing any of the actual patient data to anyone outside the client’s secure area. In this case, we used the Solix encryption tool for scrambling data during the testing process.


Why this Methodology?

The business rules contained within the application was very complex, which made the testing process extremely difficult, ruling out discrepancies while validating the solution. We find this unusual testing approach work surprisingly well as we would be extremely glad to repeat it again.

  • See how our new testing process is unique ensuring high degree of data security
  • Know more about the test data distribution process used in HIPPA compliant projects
  • Examine the different data maintenance and access rules used to ensure PHI data security
  • Look at how the testing scenarios were executed using repetitive process