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 Automation Tool for VFP Code Conversions



Macrosoft’s Newest and Most Significant Automation Tool for VFP Code Conversions is ready for Production Use


Macrosoft is proud and excited to introduce our newest and most important automation tool for use in VFP Code Conversions: CodeMORPH 1.0. This tool will make the process of converting a large VFP application to the .Net framework much: faster; more accurate; and easier.

Not only does it reduce timelines, it also enables us to automate more and more elements of the conversion process! The whole purpose and philosophy behind CodeMORPH is to help us convert Visual FoxPro and generate modern .Net code that conforms to the latest architectural frameworks recommended by Microsoft.

Leveraging this tool, Macrosoft is able to help its customers save valuable time and money as

  • It almost eliminates the need to engage VFP analysts in the conversion process
  • It automatically uncovers all the business rules embedded in the VFP code.
  • It converts the Visual FoxPro code to .NET in matter of hours.
  • It builds the new .NET application foundation with multi-tier application architecture design.
  • It provides the development team with in-line warning and error flags, pinpointing the problematic code or syntax mismatch.

Download the whitepaper to understand in detail how CodeMORPH is changing the way companies migrate the VFP applications, giving Macrosoft the key edge over others.