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Testing in VFP Conversion Projects

A Benefits of Automated Testing



Benefits of Automated Testing Program in VFP Conversion Projects


Creating automated test cases in VFP conversion projects is an important factor that should not be overlooked. In fact, Macrosoft has always embraced and put into practice the creation of automated test cases for new applications. Testing is introduced into our Agile development process right from the design of the new application up to the final development phase. Using automated testing tool enables us to execute tests, report outcomes and compare results with earlier test runs. We employ automated testing tools to generate simple to highly complex test cases that will be used by the client in the final testing of the new application, and also to update the test cases as and when the application undergo changes.

  • See how the automated testing program helps create test cases for our clients.
  • Know more about the testing process used in our Agile development approach.
  • Explore the different options provided to the client when it comes to creating test cases.
  • Take a look at how our automated testing process significantly reduces regression test time.
Download Whitepaper to know more on the automated testing process we follow so as to ensure our clients get the perfect conversion.