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Three new automation tools for VFP conversion

A SpecGenerator, vDBF Converter, Dazzle Framework



Check out our three new smart automation tools for VFP conversion: SpecGenerator, vDBF Converter, Dazzle Framework

Worried about your company’s future running on a Visual FoxPro application? Looking for smart automation tools that reduce the overall effort estimate and timeline for replacing with the latest technology? We proudly present you three smart automation tools SpecGenerator, vDBF Converter, and Dazzle Framework to achieve maximum efficiency.

  • SpecGenerator provides legacy system documentation and analysis. It is a system analysis document generator that creates human-readable spec documents by reading VFP forms, programs, and classes code.
  • vDBF Converter streamlines the FoxPro database conversion to SQL server. It migrates VFP database structure with all associated indexes and constrain into a Microsoft SQL database.
  • Dazzle is a custom developed .NET foundation framework. It reduces time, avoids refactoring, generates a single coding standard, and provides for reusability of the code.

Macrosoft has been constantly working to make these tools better and more complete with every release. With these tools in place, we intend to reduce the overall effort estimates and timelines of our VFP conversion projects. These automation systems are not available in the market, but something Macrosoft uses exclusively with our migration clients.

  • See how our 3 new smart automation tools reduce conversion cost and time dramatically
  • Explore the criteria’s based on which the three automation tools are developed
  • Learn ways of automating conversion projects without compromising quality
  • Learn how SpecGenerator creates human-readable spec documents from VFP codes
  • Understand vDBF Converter that migrates VFP DBF data into a Microsoft SQL Database
  • Discover Dazzle a homegrown .NET ready-to-start development framework

Download Whitepaper to know more on the VFP conversion we follow so as to ensure our clients get the perfect conversion.