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Importance of Upfront Analysis

A Visual FoxPro Migrations



Why Upfront Analysis Is Important Before a VFP Conversion?

Thinking the time has finally come to convert your Visual FoxPro (VFP) application to a new modern platform, say C#.NET? We recommend you consider doing a complete analysis first.

Review of Existing Application New Functionality Check List System Requirements

Analysis of the current application gives you a clear view of what parts of it are really working and needed. A complete review and documentation of the current application is inevitable. Focus needs to be on the code itself with emphasis on,

  • System Reference Documentation (SRD)
  • Data Structure Diagram (DSD) of the current application
  • Propose Application Architecture Diagram for new system
  • A full list of enhancements for when new system is completed

We would like to recommend that before selecting a vendor for the entire re-development effort, first perform an autonomous analysis of your application. For those who are considering a possible conversion project, we strongly advise you to consider de-coupling the Analysis phase from the Development phase and bid them out separately.

Download this whitepaper to find out how upfront analysis helps in selecting the perfect vendor and the 3 analysis outputs that help you through a smooth migration.