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Migrating from Visual FoxPro

A Necessity for Ensuring Business Continuity



All you need to know about VFP Migration


Visual FoxPro (VFP) was a widely used database management system and rapid application development platform developed by Microsoft, retired in 2007. While VFP may seem to be working fine currently, relying on it going forward poses substantial risks from a business continuity, compliance, and technology innovation standpoint.

This whitepaper establishes the pressing need for organizations to migrate from VFP to modern platforms. It analyzes the limitations of continued VFP usage and the associated business risks. The paper also provides a detailed comparison between web-based and desktop-based application strategies for VFP migration. Recommendations on optimal target platforms and best practices for migration are also outlined.

All you need to know -vfp-1

Download this paper to understand migrating business-critical applications from obsolete platforms like Visual FoxPro is an urgent imperative.